Buducnost win over Biseri

Buducnost defeat today Biseri from Pljevlja 41:15 (21:8), in the third round of the Regional League.

The champion from last two season was the third triumph in the regional competition, after the first two rounds were better than Radnicki and Jagodina.
Coach Dragan Adzic has rested on this match (they were not even part of team) Bojana Popovic, Katarina Bulatovic, Maja Savic, Ana Radovic and  goalkeeper Sonja Bajraktarović in the game have not entered Radmila Miljanic, Dijana Jovetic, Andjela Bulatovic and Clara Voltering.

Biseri are still after the third round with no points, after defeat from Buducnost, in first two round they are defeated from Jagodina and Metalurg.

Biseri – Budućnost 15:41 (8:21)Podgorica – Hall „Reks”.
Visitors: 30.
Referee: Vujačić and Kažanegra (Montenegro).
7-m: Biseri 2 (2), Budućnost 1 (1).
2-min: Biseri 2, Budućnost 8 minutes.

Biseri: Kostić, Perović, Mihajlović 1, Perazić, Klikovac, Rakočević 4 (1), Despotović 1, Simonović 4 (1), Vukčević, Mugoša, Kaluđerović 1, Ivanović 1, Goranović 1, Rečević 1, Ujkić 1.

Budućnost: Vukčević, Voltering, Miljanić, A. Bulatović, Nikolić 11, Jovetić, Cakalie 9, Cvijić 3, Mehmedović 8, Števin 4, Knežević, Božović 6 (1).

Metalurg Second Win

In match between two macedonian team Metalurg show that he is still dominant in Macedonia and defeat Zito Prilip in they first game in Regional league with 14:30 (7:16).

Match where most of people expect thriling game and maybe some surprise by Zito Prilep, Metalurg show that she is still dominant on Macedonian soil. Metalurg show dominence from the start of game despite that some key players didn’t play like Pecevska, Despodovska, E. Georgijevska and Trifunovic. On other side Zito Prilep didn’t have any player who was in good shape in this match, and the defeat was inevitable.

Best scorer of game was Katarina Krpez from Metalurg with 8 goals and Noveska with 7, on other side Pavicevic and Sterjova score 3 goals.

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Zito Prilep – Metalurg 14:30 (7:16)

Referee: Maria Ilieva and Silvana Karbeska – Macedonia.
Delegation: Dragan Nacevski
– Macedonia.

7 m: Zito Prilep 2/3, Metalurg 0/0.
2 min:
Zito Prilep 2, Metalurg 0.

Zito Prilep: Naumoska, Ilometanu, Durlanova, T. Stojanovic 1, Pavicevic 3, Mrkic, Petkoska 2, Cvetanoska, Sterjova 3, Adzuleska, Klikovac 2, A. Stojanovic 1, Kogoj 1, Ilieska, Serafimoska 1, Matanovic.

Metalurg: Andrejeva, Savko, Mecevska 3, Grozdanovska 2, D. Gjorgjievska 1, Bajramoska 4, E. Gjorgjievska, Noveska 7, Mladenovska 2, Nikolovska, Krpez 8, Trifunovic, Lischevic 2, Milacic, Mitrova 1.


WRHL starts on 10th septembar

After giving up the Krim, Podravka and Hypo , the Regional women’s handball league were hovering black clouds , and evil tongues were announcing the end of a three-year story, however, yesterday’s meeting in Jagodina denial that because the competition continued with four teams from Serbia and two from Montenegro and Macedonia. Regional league will starts 10th September , ten years after the break thanks to a renewed regional league, the Radnicki from Belgrade and Buducnost from Podgorica. – Regional Women’s League has undergone significant changes, now consists of four Serbian league club, and it is a Jagodina, Zajecar,Radnicki from Belgrade and Knjaz Milos from Arandjelovac. Of these, a great benefit handball in Serbia, there are teams of Macedonian Metalurg from Skopje and Zito from Prilep, and the Montenegrin Buducnost from Podgorica and Biseri from Pljevlja. In any case, fans of women’s handball in the next year will have the chance to watch the game much better than in the past. I hope it will raise the quality of handball to the level of two decades ago, and will thus increase the popularity of handball as well, certainly, the most popular women’s sport in this region, said league president Predrag Boskovic, adding that in the first round of derby games, because they meet the Radnicki and the Buducnost. Derby which in 80’s  and nineties was the most important rank in the sport. I hope that the Radnicki begin to rise and will be stronger and stronger each month,, and that will recharge hall Moraca and Banjica. Regional League was formed because of that, to popularize and rise levels in these women’s handball fields.

Replied by the  WHC Radnicki and the world best player Svetlana Kitic Magic.

– Radnicki did not receive an invitation because of esults at this time, but because of what has been done in a rich past. We take a maximum indicated a possibility, as we will be able to, in addition to Serbian champions, host the champions league in Montenegro and Macedonia. I am sorry that the teams from Croatia and Slovenia withdrew from the league, but there are interests, primarily from Romania, to expand the league in next year. I’m glad ithat we are in elite company, because we have a young and enthusiastic team that has a lot to learn from the masters of the sport, said Svetlana Kitic-Magic.

The first part of the championship will be played until 26 November, then will follow a meeting in Belgrade on establishing a calendar for the continuation of regional leagues, as well as the determination of the Final Four host. Are set out and suggestions for playing great Final Four with two first-placed teams in the league formed by ETO, Krim, Podravka and Hypo . Until 25 August will be known name of general sponsor of the league, which is more evident for the next season than last one. It was decided that the Alliance of Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia propose three pairs of judges and delegates only to compete in the regional women’s league. The team expects to Metalurg with latest signings played a more significant role in the regional league than last year, and to fight for the top, which is the goal and the team from Zajecar which totaly new composition and refurbished gaming have serious ambitions in Europe. Mayor of Zajecar Bosko Ničić urged that the extension league with teams from Romania and stressed that the teams who have left the regional league quickly returned.

1.round – 10. septembar

Radnicki – Buducnost
Jagodina – Biseri
Metalurg – Knjaz Milos
Zajecar – Prilep

Results of Control Matches

During the preparation period most of teams are played or will be play matches against each other or teams mostly from neibrhood countries.

We already inform you that the Buducnost and Zajecar played first control match in Brzec. Jagodina win the international tournament in Cacak with three victories over the home team Cacak, Knjaz Milos and in the final win over team Baya Mare from Romania. Knjaz Milos takes one victory over Cacak, but lose against Jagodina and Baya Mare.

Metalurg and Radnicki played two games in Belgrade where Metalurg win both times, but Radnicki show a big potencial with young teams.

Zaječar just come back from tournament in Romania, where they played matches against three romanians teams: Rulmentul Brasov, HC Otelul Galati and HC Craiova. They take second place and the player Jelena Eric from Zajecar was prounanced for best player of tournament and best scorer was Sladjana Pop Lazić. They also played friendly match agains Knjaz Milos and show that they are almost ready for qualification matches for champions league.

Buducnost visit Hungary last week where they played 5 control matches. The final score was 3 victory and 2 defeat.


International handball tournament Cacak 2011

ŽRK Knjaz Miloš – HC Baya Mare  25 : 26 ( 13:12 )
Oljača, Kuč , Kilibarda, Ugrčić, Nikolić, Tomić M. 4, Petrović 3, Kuharović, Ranković, Radoičić 5,  Tomić K. 5, Pavlović, Rabata 1, Agatunović 4, Rajović 3.


1.match  Radnički – Metalurg  17 : 27 (9 – 15)
2.match  Radnički – Metalurg  19 : 39 (11 – 25)

International handball tournament in Romania

Rulmentul Brasov – RK Zaječar 24:23

HC Otelul Galati – RK Zaječar 25:28

RK Zaječar – HC Craiova 36:28


Jagodina – Cetate Deva 25:22 (15:9)

Jagodina: Ušljebrka (5 odbrana), Miladinović, Goudiabi, A. Stevanović, I.Stevanović, M. Stefanović 5(1), Lojpur 3, Živković 2, Milošević 1, Grujić, Jevtić 2, Janjić 5, Tasić, Radojević 4(1), Dmitrović 3, Tatalović (12 odbrana, sedmerac).

Metz – Buducnost                   23-20
Buducnost: Milena Knežević 3, 3 Stevin Dijana, Dijana Jovetić (Golubić) 3, then 2 Mehmedović, Maja Savić 2, Dragana Cvijić 2, Ana Đokić 2, Andjela Bulatović 2, Bojana Popovic 1 (1).

ÉTV-Érdi VSE – Buducnost   29 -31
Barjaktarovic, Vukcevic, Woltering, Miljanic 3, 5 Đokić, Radovic 1, Bulatovic A. 1, Nikolic 1, 3 Savic, Jovetic 1 (1), Popovic 13 (4), Tacalie, Bulatovic K., Cvijic 1, Mehmedovic, Stevin 1, 1 Knezevic, Bozovic.

Bet-at-home Szabella cup

Buducnost – Itxako Reyno De Navarra  27 -25
Buducnost  –
DVSC Debrecin  32 – 28
FTC Rail Cargo – Buducnost                        35 – 31

Women’s Regional Handball League

Transfer, results, upcoming

One of the best women’s players of the World, Marta Mangue (28) will continue career in the Serbian champion, HC Zajecar. The leader of Spanish National Team with whom she won silver medal at the EHF EURO 2008 had misunderstanding with her previous team, Danish Team Esbjerg (2007 – 2011), about perspective of future.  Spanish player announced at the end of last season that she doesn’t want more to play at Jutland after she felt that her contract was breached.

In the race for the member of “All Stars” team at the WCh 2009 in China, Zajecar was the most serious. Ambitious team from Serbia trying to reach the Women’s EHF Champions League through qualification. For that purpose team already signed contracts with Jelena Eric, Teresa Pislaru, Petra Vrdoljak, Aneta Peraica, Nina Jukopila and others…

Newcomers from Macedonia Zito Prilep in preparation period played some control matches against serbian, romanian and greek teams. Also, in next couple of days they will play against opponent in WRHL Knjaz Milos, Radnicki from Kragujevac and team Naisa from Nis.

After control matches they will host Jagodina for a couple of days, where both teams prepera for Cup Winner’s Cup matches in begining of septembar.

Buducnost, Metalurg and Zajecar will play on international tournament in Metkovic from 26-28 august.

some text taken from handballplanet

Women’s Regional Handball League

Tournaments and Friendly Games

Podravka defeat Buducnost in final of 10th International Memorial Tournament “Metković 2011” – after better shot performance  (5:4). Regular match ended without a winner 27:27 (12:13).

Decisive was the fifth series when Bojana Popovic mised  (March Žderić defended shot), while on the other side Miranda Tatari hit and bring the victory for Podravka.

In the match for third place, Metalurg was better than Zajecar 33:32.

Bojana Popovic is the best player of the tournament’s, best goalkeeper Clara Voltering while Mirjeta Bajramovski from Metalurg is top scorer with 35 goals. The best lineup in the tournament are also selected on the left wing Nikica Pušić-Koroljević (Podravka), right wing Anita Gace (Podravka), lineplayer Vesna Milanovic-Litre (Podravka), left back Kristina Liscevic (Metalurg) and right back Elena Gjorgijevska (Metalurg).

Although weakened by not playing the most experienced of the new Crucifes” Sladjana Dronić, Radnicki were worthy opponent to “Princess”.First half ended thanks to the leadership of Knjaz Milos very good defense on that Crucifers” had no adequate answer. The second half was marked by Marina Pantic fantastic evening which defeat everything that could be defeated and led his team to only 2 goals behind, ithan Jovana Petrovic with four consecutive goals brings first win to Princess in the preparation period.

Seven games, seven wins for handball club Jagodina. On Tuesday, in sports hall Jasa achieved victory over the Macedonian vicechampion Zito Prilep. Jagodina have won 27: 25 (15-10), as well as Saturday’s clash in Vrnjacka when they were better 26:21 (12:10). This match is officially completed a basic part of the preparation. Three weeks of hard work behind the handball club Jagodina and now the beginning of the regional league on 10th September and the match with a Biseri from Pljevlja follows a series of preparatory matches. The most efficient player of the match was Diana Radojevic with 9 goals, but the game are distinguished goalkeeper Tatlović Beba, and the three Maryija’s, Lojpur, Janjic and Stefanovic, and girls Gabijela Miladinovic and Ivana Stevanovic.

Results – final game

Budućnost – Podravka 31:32 (27:27, 12:13)

Budućnost: Barjaktarović (osam odbrana), Vukčević (jedna odbrana), Đokić 3, A. Bulatović, Nikolić 1, Savić 3, Jovetić1, Popović 9 (2), Cakalie, K. Bulatović 8, Mehmedović 1, Števin, Knežević 1, Božović.

Podravka: Žderić (11 odbrana), Jelčić, Kapitanović, Čović 1, Kožnjak, Pongrac, Šenvald, Petković 3, Gaće 3, Damnjanović 5 (3), Milanović-Litre 2, Dragišić, Havić, Tatari 3, Horvat 6, Pušić-Koroljević 4.


Final placement:

1. Podravka

2. Budućnost

3. Metalurg

4. Zaječar

5. Krim

6. Korveks

7. Dalmatinka

8. Katarina


ŽRK Knjaz Miloš – RK Radnički

24 (12 ) – (08) 21

ŽRK Knjaz Miloš: Oljača, Kuč, Kilibarda, Nikolić. Ugrčić, Ranković, Tomković, Tomić M. 4, Petrović 7, Kuharović , Tomić K. 2, Pavlović 2, Rabata 2, Radoičić 1, Mrlješ , Rajović, Vasić 3, Agatunović 3.

RK Radnički: Pantić, Živković, Đorđević, Kolundžić, Đurka, Blanuša 3, Ljiljanić 1, Jovanović, Žarković, Milovanović,  Garović 3, Grbić2, Čović 2, Jović 2, Kolundžić 3, Varda 1, Kostić 2, Cvetinović 2.


Opening season

Today will start the fourt season of Women’s Regional Handball League. Opening match will start today at 19.00 between newcomers Jagodina and Biseri from Pljevlja.

Jagodina and Biseri, who finished second in they national championship will open this year competitions in WRHL. Jagodina in preparation period played very well and on eight games they take all eight victories, what show that the club doing very well.

On the other side Biseri from Pljevlja totaly change the team for this season. Most of players left the club and Biseri now have the youngest team in Regional league.

Match will start at 19.00 in sport hall Jassa and both clubs are inviting fans and suporter of handball to come to enjoy in the game.